Sara Porcelain offers you exactly the products you need with its 40 years of production, domestic and international marketing experience in sector.

Thousands of different types of igniter porcelain electrodes and similar products that we have produced so far are still being used in factories, homes and many other places.

Sara Porcelain produce the materials in exact dimension what you need and so we create comfort, efficiency and savings for you.

You may choose us due;

  • We respond your queries in a very short time,
  • We quickly complete production in our own facility and realize fast delivery,
  • We are available on sales and after,
  • We produce reliable products combined with quality components resistant to high temperature and strength porcelain material,
  • We have 40 years experience in sector with motto "quality of production and customer satisfaction". Our commitment to continuity, aiming many years in the future and adding production to our services.

Call us and tell about your need. Save your money and time. Secure yourself and your property..

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